Baja Fresh Catering Menu Prices and Review

Owned by a Canadian franchisor, Baja Fresh is a casual fast-food restaurant that serves Tex-Mex type of food. Jim and Linda Magglos, founder of Baja Fresh, took a risk by spending their home’s third mortgage by opening their own food business. But in 2002, Wendy’s bought Baja Fresh but noticed that it won’t last that long.

The first international expansion happened in Dubai in 2010. It became a hit so they opened another one in the same place in 2014. It became a trend so the company had decided to open a food truck in the same country. Many customers continue their support to the said restaurant because of their passion to serve only the freshest and high quality type of food. Their logo indicates ‘’Live Fresh’’ and this is exactly what they offer to their valued consumers. They don’t use tin-canned goods but only the freshest ingredients and this is something that they’re very proud of.

Eating good food can change one’s state of mind. Like mentioned earlier, they only use farm fresh ingredients. Good nutrition is their priority so their food is best for people who are on a diet or vegetarians out there. Putting up a salsa bar is one of the many special features they have. It’s one’s dream to consume unlimited salsa. Maybe this is the reason why many people visit their store.

Baja Fresh Catering Menu

Party Packs, Platters, & Buffets
Fajita Fiesta (serves 10)$79.99
5 Baja Burritos Party Pack (serves 5)$44.95
5 Baja Burritos Party Pack with Steak (serves 5)$46.95
5 Baja Burritos Party Pack with Baja Ensalada & Steak (serves 5)$46.95
New Deluxe Sampler Platter (serves 6)$59.99
New Deluxe Sampler Platter with Steak (serves 6)$69.99
5 Cheese Quesadillas Party Pack (serves 5)$37.99
5 Cheese Quesadillas Party Pack with Chicken (serves 5)$39.99
5 Cheese Quesadillas Party Pack with Steak (serves 5)$41.99
5 Cheese Quesadillas Party Pack with Baja Ensalada & Steak (serves 5)$39.99
10 Tacos Party Pack (serves 5)$34.99
10 Tacos Party Pack with Steak (serves 5)$36.99
10 Tacos Party Pack with Baja Ensalada & Steak (serves 5)$36.99
20 Chicken Taquitos Party Pack (serves 6)$39.95
20 Chicken Taquitos Party Pack with Baja Ensalada & Steak (serves 6)$41.95
Salads & Sides
Guacamole and Chips$3.59/person
Mango Chipotle Chicken Salad (serves 5)$29.99
Caesar Salad (serves 5)$29.99
Baja Ensalada (serves 5)$29.99
Black Beans$3.95/person
Pinto Beans$3.95/person
5 Churros (serves 6)$4.95
Assorted Individual Sodas$1.89/person
Bottled Water$1.99/person
Bottled Vitamin Water$2.39/person


Baja Fresh Catering is a crucial idea since they have to keep the freshness of all their ingredients. Their meals are all handmade which shows how they give time to their chosen craft. Even if these things are risky and time-consuming, you’d be surprised with how fast they could cater their food wherever you are.

If you thought that coupons are just given away to dine-in customers, you got it wrong. They have latest coupons and codes meant for catering clients as well. They offer drink refills, 30% discount, $26-salad party pack, and many more.

How to order

People who have tried food here gave 5 stars because of their fresh, hot, and flavorful meals. The only concern they have is the obscurity of their menu. Some guests are concerned about how they understand the add-ons and the price but overall, they’re still satisfied when the food arrives.

Baja Fresh makes catering possible, convenient, and eco-friendly. They cleanly place the catered food in reusable bags with complete utensils. They offer Sampler Platter, salads, Classic Party Packs, Fajita Fiesta, Mix and Match, dessert and sides, beverages, and more.

You don’t have to wait in long queues to taste Baja Fresh’s famous meals. You can download mobile apps for easier access. Just make sure to choose the restaurant near you to know the available services that they offer.

Aside from good food, customers may not know that they partnered with ‘No Kid Hungry’ organization for many years already. This is to support the group’s goal to stop hunger in America. Baja Fresh offers ‘No Kid Hungry’ gift cards to their valued customers and this may help one in five children which is a good idea.

As for the order pick-up, Baja Fresh is trying their best to improve on it. Make sure to consume the delivered or picked-up order to have a good experience. One reminder though, there are some vouchers that are not applicable to your desired food so make sure that you ask further so you won’t be surprised with what you’ll receive.


‘’Crispy’’, ‘’Yummy’’, ‘’Warm’’, these are the positive descriptions that Baja Fresh customers normally give. Their catering service is quite clean. The only downfall is the price.

Clients understand this disadvantage because the fresh ingredients say it all. Besides, their meals are heavy that you can last a day with just a single Burrito. So make sure to choose the right meal for you so you won’t regret your dollar.

On the contrary, compared to other similar restaurants, Baja Fresh is having a hard time competing with them. Many people don’t understand the logic since the quality and price is so close to others. Perhaps there’s a huge difference with the marketing strategy.

Baja Fresh’s strengths are its fresh food, complete details on their online menu, catering, lots of restaurant outlets, and gaining attention due to its parent company Wendy’s.

This is a perfect time for them to expand internationally. It can bring awareness about Mexican cuisines. And also, familiarize the people with the food that they serve.

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