Papa John’s Catering Menu Prices and Review

Papa John’s is a Pizza restaurant that started in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Papa John’s was founded by John Snatter.

In 1983, Papa John’s started as a small restaurant. Ever since then, his pizza was well loved by many because of its quality and freshness. Found in 30 countries with over 3,000 restaurants around the world, Papa John’s is tagged as the world’s 3rd largest pizza take-out and delivery food chain.

Papa John’s offers a variety of options for their customers through their unique pizza flavours. They have the classic flavours like Hawaiian and Pepperoni pizza. They also have Papa’s Finest which includes Hot passion and The works. Papa John’s focuses primarily on take-outs and catering services for their customers around the world.

Papa John’s Catering Menu

Pizza Only
Serves 12:3 Large Pizza With Up To 3 Toppings on each$30.00
Serves 16: 4 Large Pizzas With Up to 3 Toppings on each$39.00
Serves 20:5 Large Pizzas With Up to 3 Toppings on each$47.00
Meal Deals
Serves 10: 3 large pizzas any way you want, 25 Papa's Wings or 30 Chicken Poppers, 2 - 2 liters of Soda.$55.00
Serves 20: 5 Large pizzas any way you want, Choice of 3 sides: Breadsticks, Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks or Cheesesticks, 24 Papa's Wings or 30 Chicken peppers, 4 - 2 litter of Soda$95.00
Serves 40: 10 Large Pizzas any way you want, Choice of 6 sides: Breadsticks, Garlic parmesan Breadsticks or Cheesesticks, 48 Papa's Wings or 60 Chicken Peppers, 8 - 2 litter of Soda$160.00


One distinct feature that Papa John’s Catering offers is their “Create your own pizza” style. They allow their customers to experience their pizza the way they want it.

Papa John’s is also transparent in their products and ingredients. Customers love this Pizza place because they provide allergen and nutrition information about their products.

Papa John’s Catering is definitely the place to be when you are in the mood for pizza. Their restaurant are easy to find and convenient. Locations are available in their website.


Papa John’s Catering allows their customers to order online. Through their official website, customers can request their orders fast and easy.

For loyal customers, Papa John’s Catering encourages them to sign up in their website so the company can save their information. The next time they order, the process will be faster and easier.

Papa John’s Catering allows pick-up and delivery of orders. Just choose your nearest store location, input your orders online and choose between pick-up or for delivery.

Best seller pizzas in Papa John’s Catering includes Papa’s Favourite, All the meats, Hot passion and The works. Customers can also choose between thin crust or stuffed crust.

Orders and deliveries are readily available in all Papa John’s stores. Pizzas are made more fun and tasteful for you and your family in Papa John’s Catering.


Papa John’s Catering is well suited for small and large groups. From parties to special events, Papa John’s Catering can provide you with delicious and unique pizza flavours.

Papa John’s prices are comparable to its competitors. Their prices are fair and they give the most excellent service and freshest pizza in the world.

Prices vary depending on the size of the pizza. They have Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large sizes for all their pizza flavours. The bigger the size, the higher the price gets.

Aside from their famous pizza flavours, Papa John’s Catering also offers side dishes, desserts, drinks and some special sauces.

Papa John’s gives you the best choices for your special events. Fresh and quality pizza is guaranteed in Papa John’s Catering.

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