Rouses Catering Menu Prices and Review

For fine dining lovers living in NC and nearby places, your next stop should be Jerry’s Food, Wine and Spirits. Named after the establishment’s owner, Jerry Rouse. Aside from the great food they serve in-house, Jerry’s also provides catering services. Each and every dish, totally inspired by homemade recipes that Jerry’s mother used to make.

The business is about four decades old and has thousands of people, from all walks of life. From bigwigs, to the Average Joe—the restaurant always gets the A-Okay from diners. Many refer to it as a hidden gem when it comes to the best food in the city.

The restaurant opens at 5:30 pm when they begin serving hot short ribs and many of their other delectable offerings. They are open throughout the week. The complete address is 7220 Wrightsville, Avenue, Wilmington, NC. Open hours is 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm.

Pros Of Rouses Catering

You will love Jerry’s for many reasons, but of course, nothing can beat the food and the wine. They have expensive bottles there, but nothing of the sort that you will leave your pockets empty after dinner is done.

Diners also love the fish and steak dishes they serve. Fresh fish is cooked as requested – grilled blackened, steamed, etc. Name it and they’ll prepare the dish how you like it.

The steak is their main fare and shouldn’t be missed. Diners also love their shrimp tempura and roasted chateaubriand. Always leave some room for their great-tasting appetizers and desserts.

How to Order from Rouses Catering

The people at Jerry’s follow one simple motto: Be on time. So, whether, you’re making a reservation for a dine-in meal or booking catering services with them, you can be sure that they will deliver.

Place your order or book a table for dine-in at least three days. The number is +1-910-256-8847. The menu is accessible through the restaurant’s website. For faster transactions, check the menu first and pick your favorite dishes, then get a rough estimate for the budget. Once you’re done, give them a call.

The tables in the restaurant are great for 2-4 people. The tables are close together, so it might be inconvenient for you if you will bring with you a large group.

Rouses Catering Reviews

Jerry Rouse believes that “you can always raise prices, but you cannot cut quality or portions.” You’ll find that though their food might be a little expensive, customers insist: despite the high price, it is worth the money.

Rouse was once quoted as saying that a great part of the credit belongs to the establishment’s hardworking, well-compensated staff. They do what is needed to keep their customers happy.

Prices are negotiable, but competitive enough to attract travelers and the locals. Competition in the area is stiff, but the restaurant manages to keep it within the clientele’s budget without sacrificing the other good stuff.

Remember, you are paying for delicious food that’s made from the heart. You can be certain of the ingredients used and the cleanliness of its preparation. That’s something you cannot scrimp on and Jerry’s certainly doesn’t.

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