Cosi Catering Menu Prices and Review

Cosi is a Mediterranean-themed restaurant that originated from Paris. Famous for its signature flatbread, Cosi is a great choice for great tasting, high quality, and freshly-made sandwiches.

Cosi’s founder, Drew Harre, opened his own bistro in Paris in 1989. With his quest for the best sandwich, Drew travelled to Italy and found a century old recipe for making flatbreads. His flatbread sandwich was a hit among Parisians and became a lunch staple in Paris.

In 1996, after falling in love with the sandwiches, Jay and Shep Wainright brought the store to New York City. The brothers stuck to the Italian style of cooking making sure to deliver the same quality of food their founder had served. The charm of the humble flat bread sandwiches put Cosi on top. Today, Cosi has expanded to several branches across the United States, Dubai, and Costa Rica. Cosi offers catering services that are made easy with their boxed lunches, sandwich buffet, and sandwich baskets.

Cosi Catering Menu

Sandwich Box Lunches
Sandwich Box Lunch 1$9.99
Sandwich Box Lunch 2$12.99
Sandwich Box Lunch 3$14.99
Salad Box Lunches
Salad Box Lunch 1$9.99
Salad Box Lunch 2$12.99
Salad Box Lunch 3$14.99
Cosi Signature Sandwich Basket (Serves 5)$50.00
Cosi Signature Sandwich Basket (Serves 10)$95.00
Cosi Signature Sandwich Basket (Serves 15)$140.00
Cosi Signature Sandwich Basket (Serves 20)$185.00
Cosi Classic Sandwich Basket (Serves 5)$45.00
Cosi Classic Sandwich Basket (Serves 10)$85.00
Cosi Classic Sandwich Basket (Serves 15)$125.00
Cosi Classic Sandwich Basket (Serves 20)$165.00
Cosi Classic Sandwich Buffet (Serves 10)$175.00
Cosi Classic Sandwich Buffet (Serves 15)$260.00
Cosi Classic Sandwich Buffet (Serves 20)$345.00
Cosi Signature Sandwich Buffet (Serves 10)$205.00
Cosi Signature Sandwich Buffet (Serves 15)$305.00
Cosi Signature Sandwich Buffet (Serves 20)$405.00
Smart Fit Salad (Serves 5)$48.00
Cosi Signature Salad (Serves 5)$43.00
Cosi Cobb Salad (Serves 5)$43.00
Greek Salad (Serves 5)$43.00
Shanghai Chicken Salad (Serves 5)$43.00
Adobo Lime Chicken Salad (Serves 5)$48.00
Mixed Greens Salad (Serves 5)$38.00
Caesar Salad (Serves 5)$38.00
Adobo Chicken with Avocado (Serves 5)$45.00
Brazilian Steak Bowl (Serves 5)$47.00
Caribbean Chicken & Spaghetti Squash (Serves 5)$45.00
Thai Curry Bowl with Chicken (Serves 5)$45.00
Thai Curry Bowl with Tofu (Serves 5)$45.00
Cosi Classic Squagel Basket (Serves 10)$30.00
Cosi Classic Squagel Basket (Serves 15)$45.00
Cosi Classic Squagel Basket (Serves 20)$55.00
Cosi Signature Squagel Basket (Serves 10)$35.00
Cosi Signature Squagel Basket (Serves 15)$50.00
Cosi Signature Squagel Basket (Serves 20)$60.00
Cosi Muffin & Squagel Basket (Serves 10)$40.00
Cosi Muffin & Squagel Basket (Serves 15)$60.00
Cosi Muffin & Squagel Basket (Serves 20)$75.00
Assorted Breakfast Platter (Serves 10)$45.00
Assorted Breakfast Platter (Serves 15)$60.00
Assorted Breakfast Platter (Serves 20)$80.00
Cosi Morning Motivator (Serves 10)$100.00
Cosi Morning Motivator (Serves 15)$150.00
Cosi Morning Motivator (Serves 20)$200.00
Egg Sandwich Basket (Serves 10)$50.00
Fresh Fruit Salad Bowl (Serves 10)$35.00
Cosi Parfait Bar (Serves 10)$45.00
Cosi Oatmeal Bar (Serves 10)$40.00
Cream Cheese 8oz.$2.50
Flatbread Pizzas
Margherita (Serves 5)$30.00
Chicken Margherita (Serves 5)$35.00
Pepperoni (Serves 5)$30.00
Fresh Veggie Platter (Serves 10)$40.00
Fresh Veggie Platter (Serves 15)$60.00
Fresh Veggie Platter (Serves 20)$80.00
Cosi Cocktail Sandwiches (Serves 10)$50.00
Cosi Cocktail Sandwiches (Serves 15)$75.00
Cosi Cocktail Sandwiches (Serves 20)$100.00
Hummus Platter (Serves 10)$40.00
Hummus Platter (Serves 15)$60.00
Hummus Platter (Serves 20)$80.00
Fresh Fruit & Cheese Platter (Serves 10)$60.00
Fresh Fruit & Cheese Platter (Serves 15)$90.00
Fresh Fruit & Cheese Platter (Serves 20)$120.00
Antipasto Platter (Serves 10)$65.00
Antipasto Platter (Serves 15)$97.50
Antipasto Platter (Serves 20)$130.00
Fresh Fruit Platter (Serves 10)$45.00
Fresh Fruit Platter (Serves 15)$67.50
Fresh Fruit Platter (Serves 20)$90.00
Soft Drinks (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, and etc.)$2.29
Coffee or Hot Tea Service (Serves 10)$14.99
Cosi Lemonade (Serves 10)$14.99
Cosi Iced Tea (Serves 10)$14.99
Orange Juice (Serves 10)$14.99
Mojito Lemonade (Serves 10)$17.99
Raspberry Lemonade (Serves 10)$17.99
Raspberry Mojito Lemonade (Serves 10)$17.99
Raspberry Iced Tea (Serves 10)$17.99
Country Club (Serves 10)$14.99
Blueberry Agave Lemonade (Serves 10)$17.99
Hot Apple Cider (Serves 10)$23.99
Hot Caramel Apple Cider (Serves 10)$23.99
Hot Apple Chai Cider (Serves 10)$23.99
Cosi Soup Box (Tomato Basil)$30.00
Cosi Soup Box (Chicken Noodle)$30.00
Soup Of The Day$30.00
Cosi Soup Box (Turkey Chili)$30.00
Cosi Bread Box (Serves 10)$10,00
Cosi Corners with Spreads (Serves 10)$20.00
Cosi Harvest Mix (Serves 10)$25.00
Macaroni & Cheese (Serves 10)$33.00
Cookie & Berry Platter (Serves 10)$40.00
Cookie & Berry Platter (Serves 15)$60.00
Cookie & Berry Platter (Serves 20)$80.00
Dessert Platter (Serves 10)$45.00
Dessert Platter (Serves 15)$67.50
Dessert Platter (Serves 20)$90.00
Brownie & Berry Platter (Serves 10)$50.00
Brownie & Berry Platter (Serves 15)$75.00
Brownie & Berry Platter (Serves 20)$100.00

Pros of Cosi catering 

You do not have to go to Paris to taste the world famous flatbread sandwich; Cosi brings you that same delicious, quality sandwich right at your doorstep.

Need a quick fix for you event needs? You might want to check out Cosi’s catering menu. Their boxed lunches are already packed with freshly made sandwiches, salads, cookies, and brownies making it easier for you to serve a complete delicious meal.

How to Order from Cosi Catering 

There are several ways to order from Cosi catering. You may call their catering specialists at 866-580-2674 or visit a store nearest you.

Alternatively, you may place your order online. Here the steps for online order:

  • Go to their website’s catering section.
  • Enter your city, state or zip, and then click on the search icon.
  • Choose the store nearest you and click on order catering.
  • You will be asked to allow the site to have access to your location to show you the menu. If you do not want the site to have access to your location, click on the standard menu.
  • Choose if you want to pick up your order or have it delivered to you and enter the information required for delivery details.
  • Choose your order from the menu. Once you are done, review your order and click on check out.
  • You will be redirected to a page asking you to sign in if you have an existing account or sign up.
  • After signing up, you will be asked to enter your payment details and review your order.
  • Review your order details and submit. A confirmation email will be sent to you and one of their catering specialists will get in touch with you to confirm your order.

Most of the stores can deliver orders for the same day but it is advisable to ask the store nearest you for the required time to place your order in advance.

Cosi Catering Reviews 

Although they are famous for their flatbreads, Cosi has several meal options for you to choose from. People love their squagel assortments for breakfast options as well as their assorted delicious sandwiches and fresh salads.

Some of the items on their menu are good for five persons, so choosing the order for your event is much easier. Estimated pricing are:

  • For groups of 5-10, estimated pricing will be around $60-120.
  • For groups of 10-15, estimated pricing is $120-180.
  • For groups of 20 and above, estimated costs will be around $200 and up.

Cosi makes sure that your orders are available upon set pick up time and they help you set up when you choose to have your order delivered to you.

When compared to other catering services, Cosi will be a good choice for their cost-effective and guaranteed, fresh delicious meals.

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