Chicken Express Catering Menu Prices and Review

Chicken Express, a fast food delivery company, is popular in the Southern part of the United States. Its first store was opened in 1988 by Richard and Nancy Stuart in Benbrook, Texas. This company captured the interest of their consumers with their promise of delivering their chicken fast, and has since then been giving quick and easy food services to its patrons.

Between 1990 to 1994, new Chicken Express franchises used a concept which allows guests to dine inside their restaurant, get their food via drive-thru, or have their food delivered. They also carhop in specific locations, and do catering for all types of occasions.

It has over 200 locations in Texas, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana and Oklahoma. Chicken Express is unique in that they use fresh chicken products which are perfectly marinated, seasoned and cooked, delivering awesome tasting, tender and juicy chicken to their customers.

Chicken Express Catering Menu

50 Express Tenders
2 Pints Gravy, 12 BiscuitsCall-In
75 Express Tenders
3 Pints Gravy, 18 BiscuitsCall-In
100 Express Tenders
1/2 Gallon Gravy, 24 BiscuitsCall-In
200 Express Tenders
1 Gallon Gravy, 48 BiscuitsCall-In
100 Hot WingsCall-In
50 Pieces Mixed
20 BiscuitsCall-In
75 Pieces Mixed
30 BiscuitsCall-In
100 Pieces Mixed
40 BiscuitsCall-In
50 Piece Livers
1 Pint Gravy, 5 BiscuitsCall-In
50 Piece Gizzards
1 Pint Gravy, 5 BiscuitsCall-In
Side Orders Food (serves 30)
1 Gallon Cole SlawCall-In
1 Gallon Mashed Potatoes (includes 2 pints of gravy)Call-In
7lb. French FriesCall-In
7lb. OkraCall-In
Green BeansCall-In
Corn Nuggets (32)Call-In
Fried Pickle (32)Call-In
Cheese Sticks (minimum 20)Call-In
Corn on the Cob (minimum 20)Call-In
Fried Pies (minimum 20)Call-In
Jalapeno Peppers (minimum 20)Call-In
Extra Biscuits (per dozen)Call-In
Rolls (per dozen)Call-In
1 Gallon GravyCall-In
1 Gallon TeaCall-In
Dipping Sauces (4)Call-In

Pros of Chicken Express Catering

Chicken Express has a catering website that contains information like the menu, contacts of different locations and other important data.

Their catering menu contains different sets of food to which customers can choose from. Depending on your location, prices are indicated on the menu.

Chicken Express lives up to its name in that its service is quick and easy. Some commend their staff for being friendly.

How to Order from Chicken Express Catering

People love Chicken Express’ flavorful and tender Rotisserie chicken, burritos, tacos, salsas and other Mexican dishes. They’ve got best-selling sweet teas, too. Plus, prices are somewhat reasonable.

Catering orders come with disposable forks, plates and napkins.

You can place your catering order through the following steps:

  • Go to their website.
  • Click on the location where you would like to cater from.
  • You will be directed to the catering menu section.
  • Choose the set of meals you like.
  • Depending on your chosen location, you may be asked to send an e-mail of your catering details, call the store or appear personally.

As posted on their website, please provide catering notice of 48 hours prior to your planned event. For some stores, they accept 24-hour notice.

Chicken Express caters to big events like weddings.

Chicken Express Catering Reviews

Although menu may differ from each location, just to give you an idea on Chicken Express’ prices, here’s a sample menu.

These set meals come with a choice of warm tortillas, chips or rolls.

  • Party Pack No. 1 at $59.95-$60.00 each

Three Whole Rotisserie Chickens (Cut into twenty-four pcs.)

3 extra side orders (jalapenos, biscuits, rolls, extra gravy or sauces).

  • Party Pack No. 2 at $139.95-$140.00 each

Seven Whole Rotisserie Chickens (Cut into fifty-six pcs.)

3 half trays of side Orders (coleslaw, fries, mac and cheese, etc.)

  • Party Pack No. 3 at $389.95-390.00 each

Twenty Whole Rotisserie Chickens (Cut into 160 pcs.)

3 full trays of side orders

Chicken Express is rivals with other chicken restaurants like Golden Chick and KFC. Chicken Express meals may cost higher than KFC meals, but its meals are more affordable than Golden Chick’s. About flavor and meal options, Chicken Express is at par from its rivals.

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