Fat Burger Catering Menu Prices and Review

Fat Burger is a fast food chain restaurant that specializes in burgers. The headquarters of the food chain is in Beverly Hills, California. The restaurant is known for their famous line “The Last Great Hamburger Stand”.

The first name of the food chain was Mr. Fat burger, which was later changed to Fat burger. The food chain was founded in 1947 by Lovie Yancey. The food chain offers different kinds of hamburgers to their customers like Turkey burger, Veggie burger, Skinny burger, and many more. Also, they offer different sizes of beef patties with different add-ons like cheese and many more.

The catering services of the food chain are limited only to places nearby their store locations. The food chain has over 150 stores in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia. The burgers served in the food chain are mostly pure beef but they also have options for vegetable lovers. The food chain gives customers fast burger service but all fresh and made to order.

Fat Burger Catering Menu

Burgers & Sandwiches
Medium Fatburgers (serves 10)$55.00
Medium Fatburgers (serves 15)$80.00
Chicken Sandwiches (serves 10)$65.00
Chicken Sandwiches (serves 15)$95.00
Veggie Burgers (serves 10)$55.00
Veggie Burgers (serves 15)$80.00
Medium Turkey Burgers (serves 10)$55.00
Medium Turkey Burgers (serves 15)$80.00
Salads & Sides
Skinny Fries (serves 10)$28.00
Garden Side Salad (serves 6)$11.50
Onion Rings (serves 10)$35.00
Corn (serves 6)$11.50
Chili (serves 6)$11.50
Fat Fries (serves 10)$28.00
Baked Beans (serves 6)$11.50
Curly Fries (serves 6)$11.50
Tumbleweed Chips (serves 6)$11.50
Fried Cheesecake$5.00/person
Bottled Water$2.00/person

Pros Of Fatburger Catering

The burger food chain catering comes in two options. Customers can choose between the food truck or the catering tent and grills. Food trucks are only available in selected areas.

For loyal consumers of the food chain, they are encouraged to join the fat club. This is a membership wherein members can get exclusive coupons and special discounts on some products.

The food chain’s catering service is convenient and hassle free since the menu available is very simple and basic. Customers are given a hamburger experience with excellent services. 

How To Order From Fatburger Catering

For smooth transactions regarding catering requests from the food chain, customers can visit their website and follow instructions properly. Here are the steps to follow:

First, you have to identify the location of the store you want services from. The list of locations of the store is found in the website.

Second, fill up the catering request form available online. Specify the event name, event date, number of guests, event contact person, and event email address. Also, specify the complete address of the event and the time of the event.

Third, choose whether your catering request will be through their mobile food truck or through the use of tents and grills. Provide specific details or special instructions needed in the application form.

Fourth, wait for the response of the catering team for the final quotation of the price and for further discussion about the details. Payment can be made in cash or through credit card.

Fatburger Catering Reviews

Fatburger offers a variety of flavours to their hamburgers. They are known for their famous Fatburger XXXL Challenge. Anyone who can conquer this meal gets a spot on the XXXL Challenge wall of fame.

Aside from burgers, the food chain is known for their hand-scooped milkshakes that come in different flavours like chocolate, vanilla and many more.

The prices of the hamburgers in the food chain are similar and close to the other hamburgers on the market. Prices vary depending on the size of the patties and the add-ons.

There are different prices for each type of hamburger. The cheapest hamburger is the regular hamburger, while the most expensive hamburger is XXXL burger.

Fatburger also offers budget meals for their customers. Their budget meals include a hamburger with fries and drinks. Prices vary depending on the type of hamburger.

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