Piccadilly Catering Menu Prices and Review

Piccadilly Restaurants traces its roots in Baton Rouge, LA. With the first branch opening in 1932, it has since expanded to 60 restaurants and 80 food services locations in the Southeast.

Piccadilly specializes in producing homestyle food for everyone looking for that Southern comfort. Their expansive menu has something for everyone to enjoy. From appetizers to desserts, Piccadilly has a wide range of specialties that have become favorites for years. Among their best-selling items include their signature fried chicken and carrot soufflé.

Piccadilly is also very active working in the community. Aside from partnering with national youth groups, they have been active in helping out rebuilding communities ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. For years, they have been offering catering services in the South. All their best hits can be availed for holidays, family gatherings, and other events.

Piccadilly Catering Menu

Party Trays (Fried Chicken Platters)
Fried Chicken Breasts (8 Pc.)$21.99
Fried Chicken Breasts (12 Pc.)$30.99
Fried Chicken Breasts (16 Pc.)$38.99
Fried Chicken Breasts (20 Pc.)$47.99
Fried Chicken Wings (8 Pc.)$8.99
Fried Chicken Wings (12 Pc.)$11.99
Fried Chicken Wings (16 Pc.)$13.99
Fried Chicken Wings (20 Pc.)$15.99
Fried Chicken, Dark Meat (8 Pc.)$11.99
Fried Chicken, Dark Meat (12 Pc.)$16.99
Fried Chicken, Dark Meat (16 Pc.)$21.49
Fried Chicken, Dark Meat (20 Pc.)$23.99
Fried Chicken, White Meat (8 Pc.)$16.99
Fried Chicken, White Meat (12 pc.)$21.99
Fried Chicken, White Meat (16 Pc.)$26.99
Fried Chicken, White Meat (20 pc.)$33.99
Fried Chicken, Mixed, White & Dark Meat (8 Pc.)$11.99
Fried Chicken, Mixed, White & Dark Meat (12 pc.)$17.99
Fried Chicken, Mixed, White & Dark Meat (16 Pc.)$21.99
Fried Chicken, Mixed, White & Dark Meat (20 Pc.)$26.99
Chicken Tender Gameday Packs (25 Pc.)$25.99
Chicken Tender Gameday Packs (50 Pc.)$47.99
Chicken Tender Gameday Packs (75 Pc.)$69.99
Chicken Tender Gameday Packs (100 Pc.)$89.99
Meat Trays
Favorite Three - Roast Beef, Ham and American Cheese (Serves 14-18) - 16" Tray$33.99
Favorite Three - Roast Beef, Ham and American Cheese (Serves 25-30) - 18" Tray$42.99
Party Assortment - Roast Beef, Ham, American Cheese & Swiss Cheese (Serves 12-15) - 16" Tray$31.99
Party Assortment - Roast Beef, Ham, American Cheese & Swiss Cheese (Serves 20-25) - 18" Tray$42.99
Party Deluxe - Roast Beef, Turkey and Ham (Serves 12-16) - 16" Tray$42.99
Party Deluxe - Roast Beef, Turkey and Ham (Serves 20-25) - 18" Tray$44.99
Veggie Trays
Dipper's Delight - Assorted fresh Vegetables with Ranch dip (Serves 20-25) - 16" Tray$24.49
Dipper's Delight - Assorted fresh Vegetables with Ranch dip (Serves 30-35) - 18" Tray$31.99
Fruit Trays
Fruit Fiesta (Serves 20-25) - 16" Tray$24.49
Fruit Fiesta (Serves 30-35) - 18" Tray$37.99
Each Entrée served with 2 Sides & Bread.
Value Entrée (Individual)$6.99
Classic Entrée (Individual)$7.99
Signature Entrée (Individual)$8.99
Premium Entrée (Individual)$9.99
Minimum number of guests: 15.
Group Special Deluxe - Any Entrée, 2 Sides (Vegetables and/or Small Salad), Bread and Beverage, plus choice of 1 Extra Side or Dessert (Individual)$12.50
Group Saver - Any Entrée, 2 Sides (Vegetables and/or Small Salad), Bread & Beverage (Individual)$10.00
A.M. Special - Scrambled Eggs, Grits or Hash Browns, Bacon or Sausage, Biscuit, Juice or Milk, and Coffee (Individual)$7.50
Kids Combo - Kid-sized Entrée, 2 Sides, Jello or Pudding & Beverage (Individual)$4.99

Pros of Piccadilly Restaurants Catering

Just like any great catering company, Piccadilly takes pride in providing excellent customer service. They take care of everything so that you won’t have to.

They specialize in providing catering services for all kinds of gatherings. Just let them know about the event you’re holding and they will make the appropriate arrangements.

And of course, there is the food. Capable of serving for large crowds, you can expect the best quality of food that has been the hallmark of Piccadilly for decades.

How to Order from Piccadilly Restaurants Catering

Ordering catering packages at Piccadilly is remarkably simple. You can go to a branch near you or you can place your orders online.

They have set menus that contain all the food items that you like. You can order whole cakes and party trays to give your guests the ultimate comfort food experience.

They also have catering packages made for specific events. These packages come complete you’re your choice of entree, side dishes, and bread. You can also add drinks and desserts to the mix.

They also provide menu solutions for specific needs and situations. From providing food solutions for schools and senior homes to providing food for emergencies, Piccadilly has menus for just about every scenario.

You can place your orders either at one of their restaurants or thru online ordering. Just make sure to order at least 24 hours in advance before your event.

Piccadilly Restaurants Catering Reviews

Piccadilly has garnered a number of positive reviews for their catering services. On the other hand, it can be said that this catering service is not for everyone.

At its core, Piccadilly specializes in providing classic comfort foods for people of all ages. While a lot of people appreciate the classic approach, others think that their approach to food is too old-school.

Another edge that it has is the pricing. Priced along the mid-range, their nice servings and great quality means you’ll be getting a lot of food for your money.

Last but not least, their level of service is considered as topnotch. Their crew is highly accommodating and willing to help you in every way they can.

If you are looking for a catering service that serves traditional Southern food, Piccadilly is the place to be. There is no doubt that you’ll get your money’s worth.

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