Dairy Queen Catering Menu Prices and Review

Dairy Queen (DQ), owned by International Dairy Queen, Inc. and a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, started as an ice cream store specializing in soft-serve ice cream.

DQ’s original soft-serve ice cream recipe was formulated by father and son, John Fremont “Grandpa” and Bradley McCullough in 1938. They sold over 1, 600 ice creams at 10 cents each in an “all you can eat” trial sale in Sherb Noble’s walk-in ice cream store on April 4, 1938. The first DQ store was opened in Joliet, Illinois in 1940. From its 10 stores in 1941, DQ now has 6, 000 restaurants worldwide.

Through time, DQ evolved into a fast food chain offering other delicious treats like cake, pizza, chicken, burger, fries, quesadilla, fries and a lot more. While DQ does not directly do catering, they do accommodate bulk orders.

Dairy Queen Catering Menu

DQ Specialty Cakes
DQ Sheet Cake (10x14 inch) - serves 20-25$27.99
Frozen Ice Cream Cupcakes$2.89
8" Round DQ Cake (serves 10-12)$19.99
Frozen Ice Cream Cupcakes - (6 pack)$15.00
10" Round DQ Cake (serves 12-15)$22.99
Blizzard Treat Cakes
8" Round Blizzard Cake (serves 8-10)$22.99
10" Round Blizzard Cake (serves 10-22)$25.99
Dilly Bar (6-pack)$5.79
Buster Bar$1.79
Buster Bar (6-pack)$8.79
DQ Sandwich$0.94
DQ Sandwich (6-pack)$4.99
Dilly Bar$1.19
Mini (6 oz.)$2.49
Small (12 oz.)$3.39
Medium (16 oz.)$3.79
Large (21 oz.)$4.49
Small (12 oz.)$2.99
Medium (16 oz.)$3.49
Large (24 oz.)$3.99
Shakes & Malts
Small (12 oz.)$2.59
Medium (16 oz.)$3.09
Large (24 oz.)$3.59
Extra Large (32 oz.)$4.19
Orange Julius Fruit Drinks
Small (16 oz.)$2.69
Medium (20 oz.)$2.99
Large (32 oz.)$3.49
Premium Smoothies
Small (12 oz.)$2.99
Medium (20 oz.)$3.99
Large (32 oz.)$5.19
Freezer Delivery$0.00

Pros of Dairy Queen Catering

What people love most about DQ is that it has an extensive menu that offers a wide array of options for its consumers to choose from.

It’s like walking into a one-stop-shop since DQ has it all – from kid’s meals to traditional meals, combos, sides, salads, refreshments, to desserts like cakes and ice creams.

For take-outs and deliveries, customers can get their favorite DQ foods at a price lower than $10.

How to Order from Dairy Queen Catering

DQ orders can be sent through phone, online and by visiting any DQ store. Once order is confirmed, you will be informed as to when it will be ready for pick-up.

Currently, DQ stores do not deliver. Though, depending on your location, you can receive your DQ order through a delivering company.

DQ does not have a separate menu for catering. For your catering needs, check out their menu online and talk to your local store manager for in depth catering details. It’s also better to notify them in advance to give them time to prepare your order.

Popular food items in their menu include the Cheese Grill Burger, Original Double Cheese Burger, fries and onion rings, blizzard ice cream and cakes.

Dairy Queen Catering Reviews

Catering prices vary per location, number and type of items in your order and the extent of catering help you request from DQ. There may be some limits as to the number of order items or additional prices to pay for bulk orders. So, just in case, be prepared.

Here’s how your bill may look like based on some regular items on the menu.

  • Deluxe Cheeseburger Lunch (with fries, drinks and sundae) and 8″ Round DQ Cake for a group of ten: $69.89-$69.99
  • 3-pc. Crispy Chicken Strip Lunch (with fries, drinks and sundae) and a 10×14” DQ Sheet Cake for a group of 20: $126.99-$127.9

In contrast to Dairy Queen, Baskin Robbins, which also specializes in ice creams do catering. Unlike DQ, Baskin Robbins has its own catering website. As indicated on their website, they cater up to 3, 000 guests.

Although, per customer’s reviews, when it comes to more food choices at cheaper prices, Dairy Queen will come first.

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