Safeway Catering Menu Prices and Review

The supermarket chain known as Safeway began in 1915, when M.B. Skaggs bought a small grocery store from his father in his hometown. Eleven years later, he had over 400 “Skaggs” stores in 10 states. Also in 1926 he merged his business with another company, giving birth to Safeway, Inc.

Today Safeway has more than a thousand stores in the United States alone, as well as a presence in Australia, Canada, and the UK, to name but a few. They have expanded from being merely a grocery to having pharmacies and gas stations too. They have their own line of signature brands that range from dairy products, to ready-to-eat meals, even to pet care and cleaning products. They even offer grocery delivery!

Safeway states on its website that their store philosophy has always been “offering customers the products they wanted to buy at a fair price, with lots of tender, loving care”. With this in mind, it only makes sense that they would eventually offer catering to their customers too.

Safeway Catering Menu

Birthday & Anniversaries | Bridal Showers & Weddings | Graduations & Memorials
Bocconcini and Tomato (serves 6-19)$24.99
Condiment Combo (serves 10-12)$21.99
Fresh Fruit Platter Small (serves 10-14)$24.99
Fresh Fruit Platter Medium (serves 18-24)$39.99
Fresh Fruit Platter Large (serves 28-40)$52.99
Fruit and Fine Cheeses Medium (serves 8-10)$49.99
Fruit and Fine Cheeses Large (serves 12-14)$69.99
Hummus & Garden Veggies Medium (serves 10-16)$29.99
Hummus & Garden Veggies Large (serves 18-24)$46.99
Italiano Delights Medium (serves 8-10)$69.99
Italiano Delights Large (serves 12-14)$89.99
Love Those Veggies Small (serves 8-12)$24.99
Love Those Veggies Medium (serves 16-20)$39.99
Love Those Veggies Large (serves 28-34)$59.99
Maki Platters Small (serves 4)$21.99
Maki Platters Medium (serves 8-10)$32.99
Maki Platters Large (serves 12-14)$43.99
Sushi Platter Medium (serves 6-8)$39.99
Sushi Platter Large (serves 10-12)$49.99
Mediterranean Medley Medium (serves 6-8)$49.99
Mediterranean Medley Large (serves 10-12)$69.99
Cheese & Fruit Nibbler Small (serves 8-10)$39.99
Cheese & Fruit Nibbler Medium (serves 12-14)$49.99
Cheese & Fruit Nibbler Large (serves 16-22)$69.99
Chicken Snack Pack Small (serves 6-8)$34.99
Chicken Snack Pack Medium (serves 10-16)$49.99
Chicken Snack Pack Large (serves 18-24)$59.99
Spinach Dip Platter Large (serves 12-14)$16.99
Taste of Italy (Antipasto) Small (serves 8-10$54.99
Taste of Italy (Antipasto) Medium (serves 14-18)$69.99
Taste of Italy (Antipasto) Large (serves 25-30)$89.99
All Star Combo - build your own tray. (serves 24-36)$99.99
Deli Party Platter Small (serves 6-8)$34.99
Deli Party Platter Medium (serves 12-16)$59.99
Deli Party Platter Large (serves 18-24)$79.99
Gourmet Cubed Cheese Small (serves 8-10)$39.99
Gourmet Cubed Cheese Medium (serves 14-18)$59.99
Gourmet Cubed Cheese Large (serves 25-30)$74.99
Gourmet Sliced Cheese Small (serves 8-12)$44.99
Gourmet Sliced Cheese Medium (serves 14-18)$61.99
Gourmet Sliced Cheese Large (serves 25-40)$83.99
Hearty All Meat (shaved or folded) Small (serves 10-12)$49.99
Hearty All Meat (shaved or folded) Medium (serves 14-18)$59.99
Hearty All Meat (shaved or folded) Large (serves 20-25)$76.99
Salami Snacker (serves 18-24)$64.99
All Rolled Up (Lavosh) Medium (serves 6-10)$44.99
All Rolled Up (Lavosh) Large (serves 9-12)$54.99
Classic Tea Sandwich Small (serves 6-8)$30.99
Classic Tea Sandwich Medium (serves 10-12)$38.99
Classic Tea Sandwich Large (serves 16-20)$46.99
Tray made with Gluten Free ingred. Small (serves 6-8)$34.99
Hoagies and Heroes Medium (serves 8-12)$34.99
Hoagies and Heroes Large (serves 12-16)$44.99
Kids Celebration Small (serves 6-8)$24.99
Kids Celebration Medium (serves 8-12)$34.99
Le Petit Croissant Sandwiches Small (serves 8-10)$36.99
Le Petit Croissant Sandwiches Medium (serves 14-16)$56.99
Le Petit Croissant Sandwiches Large (serves 18-20)$74.99
Pita Pocket Pleaser Medium (serves 8-12)$34.99
Pita Pocket Pleaser Large (serves 12-16)$44.99
Signature Sandwich Medium (serves 5-8)$44.99
Signature Sandwich Large (serves 7-10)$59.99
Signature Vegetarian Medium (serves 5-8)$44.99
Signature Vegetarian Large (serves 7-10)$59.99
Super Sub Party Pack (serves 9-15)$36.99
16" Gourmet Roll Platter (serves 15)$9.99
Artisan Roll Platter (serves 25)$4.99
Dessert Platter Small (serves 20)$12.99
Dessert Platter Medium (serves 30)$18.99
Dessert Platter Large (serves 50)$29.99
Pastry Platter (serves 13)$19.99
16" Cookie Platter (serves 69)$14.99
16" Gourmet Jumbo Cookie Platter (serves 30)$19.99
1/2 Sheet Value Cakes (serves 30-36)$21.99
Cupcake Cakes (serves 24-36)$17.99
Celebration Cakes$12.99
Custom Cakes$29.99
Black Forest 1/2 Sheet Cake$29.99
Bistro Cakes$12.99
Team Celebrations$22.99
Mothers Day$19.99
Starbucks Coffee Traveler (serves 12)$15.00
Dozen Roses Wrapped$25.99
Unforgettable Romantic Rose Arrang.$64.99/each
Graceful Beauty$9.99/each
Mixed Cuts Arranged in a Vase$40.00
Mixed Cuts Wrapped$30.00
Premium Long Stem Roses$17.99
Beautiful Floral Arrangements$40.00
Unforgettable Rose Arrangement$31.99
Pretty Posie$22.99
Radiance Arrangement$62.99
Beautiful Orchids$29.99

Pros of Safeway catering

Since Safeway is present all across the U.S., finding a branch to order from will be no trouble at all. There’s a handy store locator on their main website to make it easy to find the closest Safeway to you.

In keeping with their store philosophy, Safeway catering comes at surprisingly affordable prices for the types of food at hand. They have fresh fruit platters, sushi platters, sandwiches, cakes, and a huge selection of deli and cheese sampler packages. Whether your party consists of vegetarians, clean eaters, meat lovers, or a combination of the above, putting together a party spread with Safeway’s menu will be a cinch.

Something that makes Safeway unique among other catering services is the option to order party decorations with your food. They offer party balloons and greeting cards, but the most striking and appealing choice are their flower arrangements. Obviously sourced from their own florists, one can select from an assortment of orchids, roses, or mixed bouquets that are guaranteed to brighten up any occasion.

Lastly, as a bonus, for every $20 spent on catering services you get 1 free AIR MILES reward mile!

How to order from Safeway catering

Go to Safeway’s website and look for their page on catering under Services. The page will provide with a number that will put you in touch with one of their Catering Experts. Unfortunately, ordering online is not yet available.

Be sure to order at least 24 hours ahead to give Safeway enough time to prepare all your food, especially if it’s a larger than normal order. In fact, maybe ordering 2 days ahead would be wise.

They don’t have a catering menu posted on their official website, but taking a look at their deli menu will give you an idea of what can be ordered. Alternatively, searching “Safeway catering menu” on Google will bring up a complete listing of the items and their prices.

Safeway Catering Reviews

For medium to large groups, Safeway catering would be a great choice as their pricing runs rather cheap compared to stores with similar offerings. Their food selections are particularly great for outdoor parties in the summer because of their light and fresh nature.

You can choose to either have your food delivered to your location, or pick it up from the Safeway nearest you.

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