Zaxby’s Catering Menu Prices and Review

Zaxby’s is an American-born restaurant chain founded by Zach McLeroy and Tony Townley. These childhood friends dreamed of having a local joint that served good chicken and fun times. Today, Zaxby’s boasts stores located in over 15 states, with more to come soon.

This cross between fast food and casual dining is all about chicken. They offer a variety of dishes featuring chicken, with the most popular being their made-upon-order chicken fingers and buffalo wings meals.

Their menu is very all-American, and a top-notcher in the list of comfort food. Aside from their well-known chicken and various choices of partner dips, Zaxby’s also sells salads for the health-conscious and sandwich meals for those on the go. To add a little more to your Zaxby’s meal, you can also choose one of their “Zappetizers” – their spicy fried mushrooms stand out from the typical roster of quick snacks! Or cap off your savory, heartwarming meal with a sweet milkshake, cookie, or brownie. Luckily, the goodness of Zaxby’s can be brought into your home for the next birthday party or office for a corporate lunch.

Zaxby’s Catering Menu

Party Platters: Regular:10-14 | Large:15-19
Chicken Fingerz Platter (Regular)$40.99
Chicken Fingerz Platter (Large)$54.99
Buffalo Fingerz Platter (Regular)$44.99
Buffalo Fingerz Platter (Large)$60.99
Traditional Wings Platter (Regular)$42.99
Traditional Wings Platter Large)$58.99
Boneless Wings Platter (Regular)$34.99
Boneless Wings Platter (Large)$46.99
Traditional Zampler Platter (Regular)$42.99
Traditional Zampler Platter (Large)$57.99
Boneless Zampler Platter (Regular)$38.99
Boneless Zampler Platter (Large)$51.99
Traditional Buffalo Zampler Platter (Regular)$40.99
Traditional Buffalo Zampler Platter (Large)$59.99
Nibblerz Platter (Regular)$32.99
Nibblerz Platter (Large)$27.99
Chicken Fingerz Boxed (Regular)$35.99
Chicken Fingerz Boxed (Large)$49.99
Buffalo Fingerz Boxed (Regular)$39.99
Buffalo Fingerz Boxed (Large)$55.99
Traditional Zampler Boxed (Regular)$37.99
Traditional Zampler Boxed (Large)$52.99
Boneless Zampler Boxed (Regular)$33.99
Boneless Zampler Boxed (Large)$46.99
Boneless Buffalo Zampler Boxed (Regular)$35.99
Boneless Buffalo Zampler Boxed (Large)$49.99
Traditional Buffalo Zampler Boxed (Regular)$39.99
Traditional Buffalo Zampler Boxed (Large)$54.99
Traditional Wings Boxed (Regular)$37.99
Traditional Wings Boxed (Large)$53.99
Boneless Wings Boxed (Regular)$29.99
Boneless Wings Boxed (Large)$41.99
Zalad Platter - Blue (Regular)$57.99
Chicken Salad Sandwich Platter (Serves 10-14)$32.99
Flatbread Sandwich Platter (Serves 10-14)$44.99
Sides And More Platter (Serves 10-14)$44.99
Tater Chips Platter With Buffalo Chicken Dip (Serves 10-14)$29.99
Buffalo Chicken Dip Platter (Serves 10-14)$29.99
Tater Chip Platter (Serves 10-14)$19.99
Texas Toast Platter (Serves 10-14)$11.99
Extra Sauce (8oz.)$1.50
Extra Sauce (16oz.)$3.00
Zax Pak Boxed Lunch
Chicken Finger Sandwich Boxed Lunch (Fried)$7.99
Chicken Finger Sandwich Boxed Lunch (Grilled)$7.99
Chicken Salad Sandwich Boxed Lunch$7.99
Boneless Wing Boxed Lunch$7.99
Flatbread Wrap Boxed Lunch (Buffalo Chicken)$7.99
Flatbread Wrap Boxed Lunch (Chicken Club)$7.99
Flatbread Wrap Boxed Lunch (Grilled Caesar)$7.99
Fingerz Boxed Lunch (Three Fingerz)$7.49
Fingerz Boxed Lunch (Four Fingerz)$7.99
Fingerz Boxed Lunch (Five Fingerz)$8.49
House Zalad Boxed Lunch (Fried)$8.49
House Zalad Boxed Lunch (Grilled$8.49
Caesar Zalad Boxed Lunch (Fried)$8.49
Caesar Zalad Boxed Lunch (Grilled)$8.49
Blue Zalad Boxed Lunch (Buffalo)$8.49
Blue Zalad Boxed Lunch (Blackened)$8.49
Pasta Salad$21.99
Buffalo Chicken Dip$31.99
Extra Sauce (8oz.)$1.50
Extra Sauce (16oz.)$3.00
Party Packages
Chicken Fingerz Party Package (10 People)$99.99
Chicken Fingerz Party Package (Additional 5 People)$49.99
Buffalo Chicken Finger Party Package (10 People)$103.99
Buffalo Chicken Finger Party Package (Additional 5 People)$49.99
House Zalad Party Package (10 People)$124.99
House Zalad Party Package(Additional 5 People)$49.99
Caesar Zalad Party Package (10 People)$124.99
Caesar Zalad Party Package (Additional 5 People)$49.99
Blue Zalad Party Package (10 People)$124.99
Blue Zalad Party Package (Additional 5 People)$49.99
Flatbread Sandwich Party Package (10 People)$119.99
Flatbread Sandwich Party Package (Additional 5 People)$49.99
Brownie Platter (12 Half Brownies)$7.99
Brownie Platter (36 Half Brownies)$18.99
Cookie Platter (One Dozen)$4.99
Cookie Platter (Three Dozen)$13.99
Dessert Zampler Platter$22.99
Gallon Of Tea (Sweet)$3.99
Gallon Of Tea (Unsweetened)$3.99

Pros of Zaxby’s catering

One of the best things about ordering catering from Zaxby’s is that their site provides nutritional information for every item on their menu. Maybe you know one or more people on the guest list that are on a diet. Maybe you just want to ensure everyone gets high protein meals with minimal amounts of fat. Whatever the reason, Zaxby’s nutrition guide is a life-saver and makes ordering a piece of cake.

Another fun pro is that Zaxby’s food is practically perfect for large parties. Chicken fingers and wings are incredibly party friendly as they’re easy to eat and can come in a range of flavors to suit every taste. Zaxby’s understands this and offers huge platters of their famous chicken in their catering menu.

To go with the chicken, one can choose from toast, chips, and salads as a side.

Or, if you want an even more stress-free experience, simply order a number of their boxed lunches! These meals contain everything needed to fill your stomach in one convenient container, and are available with all of Zaxby’s best-sellers.

Lastly, for those don’t or can’t eat chicken, there are vegetarian options available. Make sure to ask for the chicken-free version of any salad when ordering.

How to order from Zaxby’s catering

It’s easy to order catering from Zaxby’s. Their full menu is online, as well as a list of all their stores. Just input your location and you’ll be able to see the Zaxby’s branches nearest you that offer online ordering.

Upon selecting the branch to order from, you’ll be taken to their menu. Both the prices and the estimated number of people that one dish can feed are clearly stated on the webpage.

Once you’ve selected all the chicken, dip, etc. that you want, go to your cart and check out.

Be sure to specify the exact date and time you want to receive your Zaxby’s! Please note that it’s recommended to fill up an order form at least a day before your event to allow your local Zaxby’s enough prep time, especially for large order.

Their most popular items for catering are their Chicken Fingerz™ Platter and their Traditional Zampler Platter, which are both perfect for large groups.

Zaxby’s Catering Reviews

Zaxby’s is one of the more affordable options when it comes to chicken-focused catering. All their menu items are reasonably priced and come in generous servings.

The food is delivered steaming hot and on time to your location. Some customers report having their food actually arrive early, which could cause it to become cold if kept waiting too long. To compensate for this possible but rare error, double and triple check the time agreed upon with your local Zaxby’s.

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