Nandos Catering Menu Prices and Review

Nando’s restaurant is known for its Portuguese flame-grilled chicken that is marinated for 24-hours before being cooked in famous Peri-Peri sauce. This famous restaurant chain also offers catering services. Their catering accommodates for 12-200 people. Name your preferred location and Nando’s catering will be there to serve you, your closest friends, and colleagues.

Passionate about their food, excellent flavor and taste is not only their priority. Aside from marinating chicken overnight, Nando’s catering ensures that chickens are delivered by suppliers in freshest state, never frozen.

Nando’s catering was founded in 1987 after Fernando Duarte and his friend Robbie Brozin has tasted the best chicken in a Portuguese eatery of the heart of Rosettenville, South Africa. It was said that it was love at first bite. Dominating almost worldwide, with over 1000 branches, Nando’s restaurant and catering ultimately made a name in food industry. Despite that, they are not yet done, as they are continuously improving their recipes to cater to more countries.

Nandos Catering Menu

Appetizer PERi-Platter
20 Whole Flame-Grilled Wings, 2 Orders of Hummus with Pita + PERi-PERi Drizzle & 5 PERi-PERi Chicken Skewers (serves 10)$62.99
Sandwich, Wrap or Pita Platter
All the same, or mix and match, it's your choice: Chicken/Vegetarian Sandwich, Chicken/Vegetarian Wrap, or Chicken/Vegetarian Pita (serves 10)$70.00
PERi-Party Pack
2 orders of Hummus with Pita + PERi-PERi Drizzle, 2 Flame-Grilled Chickens, Your Choice of 4 Large Sidelines, 3 Portuguese Buns or Garlic Bread (serves 6)$74.00
Add any regular sideline$2.50
Regular PERi-Platter
3 Flame-Grilled Chickens, Your Choice of 4 Large Sidelines*, 6 Portuguese Buns or Garlic Bread, 10 Pasteis de Natas (serves 10)$110.00
Large PERi-Platter
9 Flame-Grilled Chickens, 30 Whole Flame-Grilled Wings, Your Choice of 10 Large sidelines (serves 25)$240.00
Great Additions
Portuguese Garlic Bread$4.00
PERi-PERi Nuts$4.00
Hummus with Pita + PERi-PERi Drizzle$6.00
Single Skewer$4.50
Boneless Breast$4.50
PERi-PERi Fries (small)$3.75
PERi-PERi Fries (large)$6.75
Classic Fries (small)$3.75
Classic Fries (large)$6.75
Spiced Rice (small)$3.75
Spiced Rice (large)$6.75
PERi-PERi Potato Wedges (small)$3.75
PERi-PERi Potato Wedges (large)$6.75
Hearty Coleslaw (small)$3.75
Hearty Coleslaw (large)$6.75
Casa Salad (small)$3.50
Casa Salad (large)$6.50
PERi-PERi Vegetables (small)$3.75
PERi-PERi Vegetables (large)$6.75
Corn Seasonal (small)$3.75
Corn Seasonal (large)$6.75
Sweet Treats
Pasteis de Natas (Portuguese custard tart)$2.50
Chillin Drinks
Bottled Pop & Water$2.00
Bottled Juice, Tea and Vitamin Water$2.50

Pros of Nando’s catering

Nando’s catering offers a variety of options including their famous butterfly-cut flamed chicken, sandwiches, and vegetarian healthy foods to name a few. Menu prices are reasonable that make meal planning convenient.

Be it in your backyard or garden, Nando’s catering will definitely sizzle the occasion, making it stress-free for the party host. Mouth-watering menu with the unique taste from South Africa will definitely save the day. Ordering process is very convenient as well.

How to order from Nando’s catering

Nando’s popular catering menu consists of the following:

  • Peri-Peri Chicken
  • Enticing Appetisers
  • Sandwiches, Pitas and Wraps
  • Salads
  • Sides and Extras and Drinks

Ordering is very convenient as one has to do it online. You can place your order from variety of recipes to choose from. You should avail of their gift cards for exciting perks and rewards.

These are the Peri-pointers one should know for catering:

  • 24-hour notice for orders placed before 3pm and 48-hour for orders placed on weekends
  • You’ll need to pick up your order.
  • The minimum order is at USD60.00.

Nando’s Pick Up catering comes in three packages and is good for 10 people. These packages are boardroom package, party package, and vegetarian package.

Aside from the abovementioned packages, you can also create your own package. Select your favourite Peri-Peri sauce and add-ons, and then pick up your order at the nearest Nando’s restaurant.

Nando’s Catering Reviews

Nando’s catering exceedingly went beyond its customers expectations. It was fantastic in every way, says one. Food is great and they have perfected their chicken and the sauces are absolutely heaven-like.

The concept of ordering is very convenient. Staff is friendly, accommodating, and fairly jolly. Their restaurants have its own special design that brings friendly and cosy atmosphere.

In terms of price, it is not outrageous especially for large groups as servings are reasonably well. Budget then is absolutely not a concern. You get what you pay for.

Nando’s service is more of a casual restaurant rather than fast-food one. This makes them different from competitors. Food is generously spiced while their competitor’s food is bland.

With these, price is not really an issue. In order to give you their best rates and event hosting features for more than 200 people, feel free to call Nando’s catering to assist you.

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