Tesco Catering Menu Prices and Review

Tesco was started by Jack Cohen back in 1919 in the East End of London. He sold surplus groceries. The name Tesco comes from the name TE Stockwell from the tea suppliers and Co from Jack’s last name.

The first supermarket was in Essex where meat and dairy products were sold at the counter as well. Now Tesco is Britain’s biggest supermarket chain and has 6,902 branches all over the world. From groceries, Tesco has expanded to provide prepared food for catering. They supply buffet food for parties and dinners, kid’s party, or for afternoon tea.

Aside from their supermarkets and catering service, Tesco is committed to reducing its carbon consumption. In 2012 they won the Green Retailer Award at the Annual Grocer Gold Award. A Healthy Living brand is also offered by Tesco to provide healthy choices for their consumers. This brand was launched in 2014.

Tesco Catering Menu

Afternoon Tea Finger Sandwich Platter£14.00
Healthy Living Sandwich Platter£12.00
Vegetarian Sandwich Platter£12.00
Classic Sandwich Platter£12.00
Meat Sandwich Platter£12.00
Finest Sandwich Platter£14.00
Lunch Selection Platter£14.00
Gluten Free Roll Platter£14.00
Mini Roll Platter£14.00
Wrap Selection Platter£14.00
Children Variety Platter£10.00
Children Caterpillar Platter£12.00
Cooked Meat Platter£11.00
Chinese Selection Platter£12.00
Sliced Hickory Smoked Salmon£14.00
Pigs In Blankets£10.00
American Selection Platter£8.00
Chicken Pakora Platter£10.00
Pork Belly Bites Platter£12.00
Pull Pork With Bbq Sauce£8.00
Smoked Salmon And Prawn Triangles£9.00
Smoked Salmon Appetisers£8.00
Salmon And Cream Cheese Pinwheels£14.00
Cheese Selection With Fruit£20.00
Sticky Chicken Skewers£8.00
Tempura Prawns£12.00
Canape Selection£10.00
Smoked Salmon Blinis£12.00
Bourbon Bbq Beef Waffles£12.00
Mini Hotdogs And Cheese Burgers£12.00
Mini Pulled Pork Sliders£12.00
American Sandwich Platter£14.00
Indian Selection£7.00
Olive Selection£8.00
Antipasti Selection Platter£8.00
Prawn Cocktail£8.00
Quiche Lorraine£9.00
Red Pepper, Feta & Spinach Quiche£9.00
Cheese And Onion Quiche£9.00
Mini Variety Pork Pie Platter£10.00
Large Farmhouse Pork Pie£10.00
Celebration Pork Pie£60.00
Pork Pie And Sausages Roll Platter£15.00
Topped Pork And Chicken Pie£14.00
Mini Sausage Rolls£6.00
Mini Cheese And Onion Rolls£6.00
Cheese And Onion Soufflettes£12.00
Quiche Selection£12.00
120 Cocktail Sausages£7.00
Mini Sausages£9.00
Mini Toads In The Hole£7.00
Salmon En Croute£20.00
Salmon And Cream Cheese Tart£10.00
Cod Bite And Haddock Goujon£8.00
Scallop And Prawn Coquille£10.00
Smoked Hddk, Leek And Cheese Tart£10.00
Monk Fish Roast£40.00
Finest Beef Bourguignon£12.00
Steak Diane£12.00
Chicken Kiev£12.00

Pros of Tesco catering

Tesco provides everything you can think of for organizing a party; from sandwiches, salads, main dishes and desserts to birthday cakes even including decorations, and tableware.

Ordering is so convenient through their website and the food can be delivered to your home. Reserving a slot for home delivery or collection can be made through their website.

Everybody needs a reliable place where you can get food fast and be sure that it is fresh and healthy. Tesco’s Healthy Living brand provides this and low calorie options.

How to order from Tesco catering

If you need food for entertaining guests you can get the Afternoon Tea Finger Sandwich Platter with meat and vegetarian choices.

You can also get quiches and cakes for a party, if you fancy a drink you can get their champagne, beer or soft drinks.

Ordering is simple, just go to their website and register. Once registered, you can choose a time slot. Next, add items to your basket. Then, you need to review the items in your basket carefully. Finally, you can check out.

You have an option of having it delivered to your home or you can pick it up. However, there is minimum basket charge.

A slot will be reserved for you for 2 hours while you can shop online. This is for your convenience and for the smooth operation of the website.

Delivery is available 9am to 11pm on weekdays and 9am to 8pm on Saturdays and 10am to 3pm on Sundays. Pick up is done at the Click+Collect service.

Tesco Catering Reviews

The prices offered are very competitive with other catering services with the similar type of food. Aside from the food quality, you also get top service from them.

When preparing for a small party of 6 people, £30 to £45 will get you entrées like Salmon en Croute or Rib Eye and drinks. For a medium sized party of 10 people the price ranges from about £50-£70.

Delivery vans are equipped with temperature control features. With this, it’s practically guaranteed that the food items are kept in good condition.

The experienced delivery personnel will come to your door and you will have to sign a delivery note. You can also ask them to bring your items to your kitchen.

With the pick-up service, you can use a single use carrier bag for a fee or select the bagless option during check out.

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