Au Bon Pain Catering Menu Prices and Review

Au bon pain is a French inspired American bakery and cafe. The bakery was founded by Louis Rapuano in 1977. The bakery’s headquarters is in Boston, Massachusetts.

The bakery is found all over the United States, India and Thailand. With over 300 locations around the world, the bakery was also ranked as the healthiest United States chain restaurant. The bakery focuses on serving fresh baked pastries, bread, bagels and croissants. Alongside, they also have breakfast menu, tea, coffee, lunch items, salad, soups and many more.

The bakery also allows catering services to their customers. They have a wide selection of menu and everything is made fresh and healthy. The bakery is also known for their healthy ingredients and lifestyle. Whether customers want their orders delivered to their workplace, homes or anywhere, the bakery allows such services to ensure the customer’s needs are met.

Au Bon Pain Catering Menu

A la carte breakfast beverage service freshly brewed (10 cups)$16.99
Hot chocolate (10 cups)$14.99
Individual juices$2.49/each
Farm to table breakfast sandwiches (minimum of 5)$4.00/each
Morning pastry platter (minimum of 5)$2.70/person
Bagels & spreads (increments of 5)$2.70/person
Classic continental breakfast$7.49/person
Savory croissant tray (minimum of 5)$5/person
Fresh fruit sliced (serves 5)$19.99
Individually prepared parfaits$2.99/person
Non-fat Greek vanilla yogurt with blueberries$3.99/person
Non-fat Greek vanilla yogurt with fresh strawberries$3.99/person
ABP mini pastries (minimum of 5)$3.00/person
Deluxe continental (increments of 5)$11.49/person
Smoked salmon and bagel service (serves 5)$29.99
Oatmeal bar (serves 5)$24.99
Lunch (minimum of 5)
Classic luncheon$10.79/person
Deluxe luncheon (increments of 5)$15.69/person
Executive luncheon (increments of 5)$15.29/person
Boardroom luncheon (increments of 5)$22.19/person
Poland Spring water$1.99
20oz bottled soft drinks$1.99
Bottled Juices$2.49
Individual bags of chips$1.29
Soup to nuts (increments of 5)$15.29/person
On the lighter side (increment of 5)$16.39/person
Add a sliced fruit platter (serves 5)$19.99
Boxed lunches$10.25/person
Sandwich lunch box$10.25/person
Salad lunch box$10.25/person
Add a Kind Bar$2.50
Add a side: picnic style potato salad, mediterranean pasta salad, apples and blue cheese fruit salad, cucumber & tomato caprese.$1.49
Signature Sandwiches (minimum of 5)
Turkey club$7.79/person
Chipotle black bean burger with avocado$7.79/person
Chipotle turkey & avocado$7.79/person
Chicken & avocado$7.79/person
Classic chicken salad$7.79/person
Avocado BLT$7.79/person
Turkey & swiss$7.79/person
Tuna salad$7.79/person
Ham & 2 cheese$7.79/person
Black angus roast beef & cheddar$7.79/person
Half sandwich & side salad combo (serves 5)$39.99
Add a platter of freshly baked mini cookies$12.99
Fresh fruit tray$19.99
Wraps (minimum of 5)
Garden & avocado$7.79/person
Thai peanut chicken$7.79/person
Waldorf turkey$7.79/person
Chicken caesar$7.79/person
Veggie & hummus$7.79/person
Napa chicken with avocado$7.79/person
Chilled beverages$2.49
Lemonade or sweet peach tea by the quart (serves 3-4)$5.99
Soft drinks (20oz)$1.99
Poland Spring/Ice Mountain Water (16.9oz)$1.99
Entree Salads
Garden salad (serves 5)$29.99
Chicken caesar asiago (serves 5)$41.99
Chicken caesar asiago without chicken (serves 5)$29.99
Vegetarian deluxe salad (serves 5)$35.99
Vegetarian deluxe salad with chicken (serves 5)$41.99
Chef’s salad (serves 5)$43.99
Chicken cobb with avocado salad (serves 5)$44.99
Harvest turkey (serves 5)$44.99
Thai peanut chicken salad (serves 5)$44.99
Southwest chicken salad (serves 5)$44.99
Side Salads
Caprese (serves 5)$14.99
Mediterranean pasta salad (serves 5)$14.99
Cucumber & tomato (serves 5)$14.99
Fresh sliced fruit (serves 5)$19.99
Apples & bleu cheese (serves 5)$14.99
Roasted asparagus (serves 5)$19.99
Picnic style potato salad (serves 5)$14.99
Specialty soup - beef stew, chicken stew, macaroni & cheese, turkey chill$34.99
Soup to nuts (increments of 5)$15.29
Soup (serves 5)$27.99
Snacks, Petite Plates, & Beverages (seasonal specials
Strawberry cup$3.99
Greek vanilla yogurt & strawberry parfait$3.99
Balsamic chicken petit plate$3.99/each
Chickpea & roasted tomato salad petit plate$3.49
Strawberry lemonade$5.99/quart
Tropical green iced tea$5.99/quart
Chicken, strawberry & watermelon salad (salad for 5)$44.99
Sandwiches, Bread & Soup
Baja steak wrap$7.79
Napa chicken with avocado wrap$7.79
Potato leek soup (serves 5)$27.99
Blueberry danish$2.70
Strawberry croisBun$3.00
Lemon drop cupcake (platter of 6)$15.00
Lemon drop cupcake (platter of 12)$30.00
Lemon white chocolate cookie$1.99
Double chocolate mudslide cookie$1.99


Au bon pain means the good bread in French. Pastries, bread, and every other menu in the bakery are healthy and authentic. Customers can rely on the health and nutrition advocacy of the company.

Customers love the bakery since it’s a one stop shop for all your cravings. They offer different kinds of bread like bagels and artisan breads. They also have croissants, muffins, cookies and many more for your dessert cravings.

Aside from pastries, the bakery also offers soups, salad and sandwiches. They can choose any food they want that is all guilt free and healthy to the body.


Ordering in Au Bon Pain is very easy. The bakery accepts orders online, via emails, calls or walk-ins. Customers are encouraged to place their orders the day before.

Customers can also avail of their catering consultant to help them in their party needs. They can contact the consultant on weekdays during office hours.

For small orders, the bakery does not require any down payment. But for orders over $1,000, they require half payment before delivery.

For delivery, prices are not inclusive of the delivery charges. Charges differ depending on the location of the event. For pick-up orders, there are no charges applied.

The bakery accepts payments in cash, credit or check. Payments are settled on the day of the event. For cancellation of orders, charges are applied for cancellations done in less than 24 hours of the event.


Customers interested in catering services can choose to avail of their platter menu or the package menu. All their packages come in different sets and flavours.

Prices of the food in the bakery are fixed. There are no special accommodations for large groups. With the quality and freshness of their products, the prices are actually competitive and fair in the market.

For menu packages, prices are rated per person and they usually have a minimum order required.  While for platters, there are no minimum orders required but prices are fixed and servings are fixed also to only a number of people.

All the food served in the catering comes with nutritional facts to make sure the customers know what they are eating. The company is serious in promoting healthy food to the public.

Aside from the quality and freshness of the products of Au bon pain, the bakery also delivers the products on time. They also put additional details and presentation to the orders to improve their service to the customers.

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