Costco Catering Menu Prices and Review

Costco Wholesale Corporation has established its reputation as a popular and low-cost wholesaler, with its warehouses boasting of various selections of many different products.

The company has been known as an outlet store for even the top brands, offered at prices that are less expensive than other wholesale and retail shops. Costco has been a tough competitor in the wholesale and retail industry since 1983, when its founders James Sinegal and Jeffrey Brotman opened the pioneering branch in Seattle, Washington.

After the success of its first store, the company has expanded to many countries across the world and achieved the honor of being the second-largest wholesale and retail store during the year 2015. Costco eventually branched out to offer a catering service that boasts of its wide array of menu choices.

Costco Catering Menu

Pizza By the Slice$1.99
18" Pizza Fully Cooked$9.95
Hot Dog-Comes with 20oz drink-Free Refils$1.50
Polish Sausage-Comes with 20oz drink-Free Refils$1.50
Italian Sausage$2.79
Chicken Bake$2.99
BBQ Brisket Sandwich$4.99
Hot Turkey & Provolone Sandwich$3.99
Chicken Caesar Salad$3.99
Berry Smootie$1.50
Latte Mocha Freeze$1.50
Berry Sundae$1.65
Chocolate Vanilla Yogurt Swirl$1.35
20 oz Soda Free Refills$0.59

Pros of Costco Catering

The selections at Costco do not offer the most varied options but the excellent food quality and cheap price are well-appreciated by its customers.

Most of their foods are available in the Costco Food Court located inside the warehouse itself. It offers convenience to shoppers since they no longer need to dine in expensive restaurants when they are around the area.

The menu is available for catering orders but they are also available for shoppers who want to treat themselves after shopping for long hours.

How to Order from Costco Catering

Surely, there’s more to Costco than just reasonable household and office supplies. The company has also been a household name for providing a wide array of food menus to please people’s tastes.

The company’s most popular option is the Costco Deli Platter consisting of Assorted Hye Roller Platter, Prawn Platter, Sandwich Platter, and Chicken Wings Platter.

The ordering process is simple, too. A customer just needs to visit Costco’s official deli department website and look for the “Order” tab. The platter options will be shown and the customer needs to tick on the specific platter he/she wishes to order and specify the order quantity.

Delivery details are also to be inputted and placing of the order can be done after the information sheet has been accomplished. For easier and faster processing of orders, orders can also be done via phone call and personal visit to any Costco Food Court branch.

Customers are advised to place their order at least 48 hours prior to the event. The company ensures fresh servings to its customers so they need ample time for preparations. For order cancellations, it’s necessary for the customer to call his/her preferred store branch as soon as possible.

Costco Catering Reviews

The prices at Costco catering are reasonable enough for the host to be able to come up with elegant food choices at any party or event. They have an assortment of nourishing and delectable options that are sure to impress the guests.

The Prawn Platter, which costs $50 on average, is good enough for eight people and is served with a delightful sauce and fresh lemon cuts. As for the sandwich platter, bite-sized servings of cheese and ham sandwiches can be enjoyed by 9 people for a price of approximately $30.

Customers who are not into sandwiches have the option to avail of Costco’s bestseller platters – their Chicken Wings Platter and Hye Roller Platter. The Chicken Wings Platter consists of 3kg worth of chicken wings and can feed at least 15 people. It costs $12 per kilo on average.

For events or parties with a huge number of guests, Hye Roller Platter is an ideal choice.  For the price of under $40, guests can enjoy the platter, which consists of 40 rolled pieces of food made from different cheese combos.

Aside from Costco’s bestselling platters, their appetizers also do not disappoint. They also offer pastry and fruit trays that can be availed for an average price of $15.

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