Church Catering Menu Prices and Review

Church Catering is a catering company servicing the Orange County and Los Angeles church communities. As their name suggests, it specializes in catering special events held at churches. However, they also cater in the desired venue of the customer.

Through years of experience, it has mastered the art of catering. The company offers their expertise in cookery and food service. This catering company’s chefs specialize in French, Italian, Asian and American fusion cuisine. The catering company offers sit-down banquets with predetermined menu choices or buffet. Upon request of the client, the company also accommodates menu customization.

Past clients have noted that their set menus are of great quality and priced at a reasonable rate. Aside from that, many have commended the professional and friendly staff of this catering company.

Church Catering Menu

Breakfast Cinnamon Roll Tray
Small: serves 4 | Medium: serves 6 | Large: serves 12
Cinnamon Roll Tray Party (small)$9.99
Cinnamon Roll Tray Party (medium)$13.99
Cinnamon Roll Tray Party (large)$23.99
Breakfast Biscuits
Chicken Biscuit a La Carte Entree (Party)$34.99/dozen
Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit (Party)$34.99/dozen
Sausage, Egg and Cheese Biscuit (Party)$34.99/dozen
Honey-Butter Biscuit (Party)$9.99/dozen
2 Piece Box Meal (Minimum 25 Boxes)
Leg and Thigh or Tender Strips (Party)$5.00/box
Breast and Wing Meal (Party)$7.00/box
Mixed Meal (Party)$6.00/box
3 Piece Box Meal (Minimum 25 Boxes)
Leg and Thigh or Tender Strips Meal (Party)$6.00/box
Breast and Wing Meal (Party)$8.00/box
Mixed Meal (Party)$7.00/box
Boneless Wings
BBQ Boneless Wings (50 Pcs.)$27.99
BBQ Boneless Wings (100 Pcs.)$49.99
Buffalo Boneless Wings (50 Pcs.)$27.99
Buffalo Boneless Wings (100 Pcs.)$49.99
Sweet & Spicy Boneless Wings (50 Pcs.)$27.99
Sweet & Spicy Boneless Wings (100 Pcs.)$49.99
Feed 20 People
White Chicken (Party)$135.00
Mixed Chicken (Party)$110.00
Legs and Thighs or Tender Strips (Party)$100.00
Feed 40 People
White Chicken (Party)$225.00
Mixed Chicken (Party)$195.00
Legs and Thighs or Tender Strips (Party)$175.00
Feed 60 People
White Chicken (Party)$335.00
Mixed Chicken (Party)$285.00
Legs and Thighs or Tender Strips (Party)$250.00
Feed 80 People
White Chicken (Party)$425.00
Mixed Chicken (Party)$375.00
Legs and Thighs or Tender Strips (Party)$335.00
Feed 100 People
White Chicken (Party)$500.00
Mixed Chicken (Party)$450.00
Legs and Thighs or Tender Strips (Party)$410.00
Classic Sides
Small: serves 4-5 | Large: serves 8-10
Mashed Potatoes with Gravy (small)$15.00
Mashed Potatoes with Gravy (large)$25.00
Cole Slaw (small)$15.00
Cole Slaw (large)$25.00
Green Beans (small)$15.00
Green Beans (large)$25.00
Cajun Rice (small)$15.00
Cajun Rice (large)$25.00
Fries (small)$15.00
Fries (large)$25.00
Jalapeno Cheese Bombers (small)$15.00
Jalapeno Cheese Bombers (large)$25.00
Baked Macaroni and Cheese (small)$15.00
Baked Macaroni and Cheese (large)$25.00
Fried Okra (small)$15.00
Fried Okra (large)$25.00
Apple Pie (30 Pcs.)$30.00
Apple Pie (50 Pcs.)$45.00
Cinnamon Swirl (30 Pcs.)$50.00
Cinnamon Swirl (50 Pcs.)$90.00
5 Lb Bag of Ice (Party)$2.00
Bucket of Ice with Ice Scoop (Party)$5.00
100% Colombian Coffee To-Go Box (serves 8-10)$12.99
Church's Southern Sweet Tea or Unsweetened Half Gallon (Party)$3.99
Lemonade (Half Gallon) (Party)$3.99
Bottled Water (Party)$1.99
6 Pack Coke Product - Chilled (Available Only with Catering Orders)$5.99
Minute Maid Orange Juice (Party)$1.99
Minute Maid Apple Juice (Party)$1.99
Milk (Party)$1.99

Pros of Church Catering

One of the biggest pros in getting them as the catering company of your special event is that they can recommend churches and other places to become your venue. The website of the catering company has a list of suggested venues for your special occasion.

Moreover, a lot of people, especially those planning to tie the knot, chose Church Catering because they hold Food Tasting sessions which usually include free wedding consultations.

How to order from Church Catering

As aforementioned, clients have the option between having a buffet set-up or sit-down banquet during their event. Clients may also choose from a predetermined menu or they may also opt to customize their menu. The predetermined menu sets will be discussed below.

Aside from the menu sets, this catering company also has a Dosirak option. A Dosirak is a Korean packed lunchbox. It is similar to the Japanese Bento Box and Indian Tiffin. Clients may choose from three Dosiraks – Style A, Style B and Style C.

Interested individuals may inquire or make their reservation by:

  • calling the following numbers: 310-920-6805 or 800-530-5660.
  • sending a message at [email protected].
  • visiting the company’s website and sending them a message via their contact form.

Church Catering Reviews

Most clients choose between the four predetermined menus. They are namely Church Set A, Church Set B, Church Set C and Church Set D.

In Church Set A, clients may choose from 82 types of dishes. This set is made for clients with 15 to 100 guests. The clients may choose the number of dishes or items they want to have at their party. They may choose from eight (8) dishes or items for 15 people up to 15 dishes or items for 200 people.

Church Set B, on the other hand, has 25 items of which the clients may choose from. For clients with 100 to 200 guests, they can pick 12 items from the list. Meanwhile, those clients with 50 to 90 guests may choose 10 items from the list.

Church Set C is for clients who have 50 or more people on their guest list. This set menu has five courses. Clients may choose to have five to 11 items from the given list.

Lastly, Church Set D is for those individuals who have 20 or more guests. This set menu has 250 items. Guests love this set because of the fusion food included. Customers have a wide array of choices from Asian Cuisine to American Cuisine to fusion food.

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