Cheddars Catering Menu Prices and Review

The name Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen is an appropriate name that distinguishes it from other restaurants. Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen is an American restaurant that offers food prepared from scratch, which gives you a feeling of fresh food from home kitchen cooking.

Home kitchen cooking is what the founders, Aubrey Good and Doug Rogers, envisioned when they started their restaurant. And just like the home atmosphere, Cheddar strives to provide their customers that feeling of being cared for and appreciated.

Since Cheddar’s founding in 1979, it now has 164 companies, including franchises, in the United States. And, from its original name of Cheddars, it took as its name the Cheddars Scratch Kitchen to better portray what they offer. Today, Cheddar Scratch Kitchen enjoys a popularity that is due to:

  • Hand-made, high standard food quality
  • A good community relationship leading to regular customers
  • A warm and welcoming ambiance
  • Value pricing that goes with hand-made quality food

As Cheddars evolved, it received awards along the way. It ranked 1st as a full-service restaurant chain, Top overall American cuisine, ranked top in décor and facilities, and included in the Top 20 full-service Chains in Sales and Satisfaction.

Cheddars Catering Menu

Chips & Homemade Queso$4.29
Santa Fe Spinach Dip$5.49
Cheddar's Cheese Fries (Small)$5.49
Cheddar's Cheese Fries (Regular)$6.99
Chicken Tender Basket$6.89
Loaded Russet Potato Skins$6.49
Chicken Fajita Quesadilla$8.49
Ultimate Nachos$8.69
Homemade Onion Rings$4.49
Wisconsin Cheese Bites$6.69
Triple Treat Sampler$8.69
Chicken Tortilla Soup (Cup)$2.99
Chicken Tortilla Soup (Bowl)$3.59
Baked Potato Soup (Cup)$2.99
Baked Potato Soup (Bowl)$3.59
Sandwiches: Cheddar’s Club • Monte Cristo • Buffalo Chicken Wrapper • Pairings: bowl of soup • House salad • Caesar salad • Loaded Baked Potato
Choice of Half Sandwich & 1 Pairing$5.99
Choice of Half Sandwich & 2 Pairing$6.99
Our burgers are grilled medium well or well done, served with French Fries. Add Sautéed Mushrooms to any burger, $0.99
The Original$7.69
The Original with Cheddar$7.89
Bacon Cheeseburger$8.29
Smokehouse Burger$7.99
Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad$7.69
Crispy Chicken Salad$7.69
Grilled Chicken Pecan Salad$7.99
Asian Chicken & Shrimp Salad$8.49
Tuscan Chicken Sandwich$7.59
Buffalo Chicken Wrapper$7.59
Cheddar's Club$7.89
Monte Cristo$7.59
Philly Cheesesteak$7.59
Chicken Fried Steak$8.69
New Orleans Pasta$10.29
Vegetable Plate$6.89
Key West Chicken & Shrimp$9.29
Gigi's Baked Spasagna$8.69
Served with two Sides. Add a House or Caesar salad, $2.69
Top Sirloin Steak (6 oz.)$9.99
Top Sirloin Steak (8 oz.)$10.59
Ribeye (12 oz.)$14.99
Top your steak with choice of Sautéed Mushrooms or Bourbon Glaze$0.99
Add a House or Caesar salad, $2.69
Rack (Half)$10.59
Rack (Full)$14.99
Served with two Sides. Add a House or Caesar salad, $2.69
Chicken Tenders & Shrimp$10.99
Top Sirloin Steak & Chicken Tenders$12.89
Top Sirloin Steak & Ribs$14.69
Half Rack of Ribs & Shrimp$14.29
Top Sirloin Steak & Shrimp$13.99
Half Rack of Ribs & Chicken Tenders$13.69
Hand-Crafted Under 575 Calories
Lemon Pepper Whitefish$7.49
Grilled Baja Chicken$8.29
Citrus Miso Glazed Salmon$8.29
Sweet Heat Chicken & Shrimp$8.59
Add a House or Caesar salad, $2.69
Chicken Tender Platter$8.79
Homemade Chicken Pot Pie$7.49
Dijon Chicken & Mushrooms$9.29
Lemon Pepper Chicken$8.99
Grilled Chicken Alfredo$8.79
Country Chicken Fried Chicken - Lunch$8.99
Country Chicken Fried Chicken$10.99
Add a House or Caesar salad, $2.69
Grilled Salmon - Lunch$8.99
Grilled Salmon$10.99
Bourbon Glazed Shrimp$10.29
Grilled Catfish - Lunch$7.69
Grilled Catfish$8.99
Grilled Tilapia & Shrimp with Mango Salsa$9.29
Beer Battered Fried Shrimp$9.99
Fish Tacos (2 Pc.)$7.49
Steamed Fresh Broccoli$2.19
Buttered Off The Cob Corn$2.19
Freshly Made Coleslaw$2.19
French Fries$2.19
Mashed Potatoes$2.19
Loaded Baked Potato$2.19
Homemade Black Beans$2.19
Mac & Cheese$2.19
Seasoned Rice$2.19
Broccoli Cheese Casserole$2.19
Red Beans & Rice$2.19
Southern Green Beans$2.19
Honey Butter Croissants (3 Pc.)$2.59
House or Caesar Salad$2.69
Kids meals served with milk, apple juice, or soft drink. For kids 12 and under
Grilled Cheese with 1 Side$4.99
Chicken Tenders with 1 Side$4.99
Junior Burger with 1 Side$4.79
Mac & Cheese$4.59
Penne Pasta Marinara$4.49
Grilled Chicken Breast with 1 Side$4.99
Our Desserts are made by hand, from scratch
Dessert Mini - Chocolate Trifle, Key Lime Pie, or Strawberry Cheesecake$1.59
Hot Fudge Cake Sundae$5.49
Cheddar's Legendary Monster Cookie$4.99
Apple Pie A La Mode$4.99

Pros of Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen catering

Cheddar boasts of its home-made cooking, and with reason. The restaurant meals are fresh and hand prepared using essential ingredients. The absence of prepackaged food is what sets Cheddar apart from other restaurants.

Hand preparation of food explains the size of the restaurant to accommodate the number of cooks; each performs the task of chopping, or slicing, stirring, or cooking food. The time consumed in preparing and cooking is worth having the taste of fresh home-cooked food.

How to order from Cheddar Scratch Kitchen catering

Cheddar offers quality food with a choice of:

  • chips and homemade queso with a price range of $3.00 to $7.00,
  • different hand-made preparations of Asian chicken and shrimp salad priced at $2.00 to $7.00, and
  • a choice of world-class chicken, a variety of lemon pepper chicken preparation with a price range of $7.00 to $14.00.

Cheddar offers catering services to surrounding communities with prices that vary depending on location and region.  Visit Cheddar’s to discuss in person your food preferences or call for inquiries on orders, delivery services, and information on food nutrition values.

Cheddar Scratch Kitchen does not rely much on advertising and promotion, but more on customer satisfaction to pass on their experience. This self-reliant marketing shows confidence in their fresh hand-made meals.

The restaurant, however, has perks like the organizing of a local cooking competition with the winning recipe included on their menu for a specified span of time. Another perk is an invitation to Cheddar’s Eclub, which provides members a peek on new entries in their menu and other news items.

A treat you could give friends and loved ones is a dining experience at Cheddars on special occasions through Cheddars gift cards.  Choose a design for the gift and personalize the card with your message. Cheddar delivers the gift card through mail or in person. You can purchase a gift card through email or call Cheddar with the price ranging from $25 to $100.

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen Catering Reviews

Various variables could make or break a restaurant. Topping the bill for success are location and consistency. Cheddar has both features.

Cheddar Scratch Kitchen has 163 branches nationwide which makes it convenient for travelers. The mark of fresh hand-made quality food is evident in each store making an imprint in the customer.

Cheddar’s menu lists a variety of choices to suit specific preferences of the customers, kids and adults alike. Price for food could be a little higher than other restaurants offering prepackaged food; but, take into consideration the time and effort that goes into its preparation, the dining experience is worth it.

The place presents a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere that draws customers. What entices diners to become regular customers are Cheddar’s ambiance and the flavorsome food the customers partake.

And, the friendly, customer-oriented service of trained staff that exudes the impression of warmth and appreciation of customer presence add to customer satisfaction.

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